Duck in the pond.

Ducks in the local pond being fed by my little sister.


A rugby match being played while C. was feeding the ducks.

An old friend called Bunny

Having a little rest before bedtime. He was always getting lost.

Purple Leaves

Leaves with sparkling raindrops in Grandma's garden.

Grandad's car.

Also glistning after the same rainshower.

Inflatables in the marina

Not too many of these and they seem to be for use as tenders.


On a still day there are good reflections to be seen.

The yacht and its mirror

How dark and reflective is the water today.


Ready for action. Not as dramatic as launching down the slipway at the old lifeboat house.

RIB at speed

It's tempting to use the guard rails to frame a subject.

RIB in speed limit zone

Once inside the marina area it's important not to 'rock the boat'.

Yacht under power

Hopefully they will hoist the sail as they leave the harbour. That should look great.